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Indoor Activities for Inclement Weather Days!

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If your towns are anything like ours you know that school cancellations are inevitable, especially in the winter time. These days are great for spending time with your kids, but after a while everyone gets a little bit of cabin fever. Here are some fun and inexpensive activities to do at home with your kids while working on fine and gross motor skills!


Fine Motor Activities

Color Button Sorting







Cereal Necklace – take a piece of yarn or pipe cleaner (for a bracelet) with your child’s favorite ring shaped cereal and have them string it through. Fun and delicious!

Pipe Cleaner Bottles – take an empty water bottle and give your child pipe cleaners to put in through the hole in the top.


Gross Motor Activities

Tape Obstacle Course – Take painters tape and make an obstacle course on your floor for your child. You can even make hopscotch too!









Paper Plate Ring Toss Game

Bowling Game – Take empty soda or water bottles, set them up, and find an appropriately sized ball to roll and knock over the bottles. For fun, you can decorate the bottles ahead of time. Be as creative as you want!


We hope some of these ideas work for you and your child!




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